Stutz Blackhawk 1975
# 2K 57W 5P 181163

Jim and his Stutz, glowing in the dark ;o)
One of the first pictures of Jim and his first Stutz.

This Blackhawk is owned by Jim Milliken,
who worked from 1974 to 1993 in Saudi Arabia.

1975 Stutz
Stutz Blackhawk

There he found his car, a white 1975 Blackhawk,
preowned by Faisal bin Fahad, Minister of Sports, son of the King of Saudi Arabia.

1975 Blackhawk

I got in contact with Jim after the Elvis Memorial Week at Graceland, in 2002.
(At that point of time, I think both of us couldn't imagine to have there our first Stutz-Meet, just two years later...)

two Blackhawks

He has taken photos of all Stutzes, which he had seen in Riyadh.


He even took the chance to visit the Saturn factory in Italy, where the Stutzes were built.

other side

To see more of his photos, to read some of his stories:
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recolored Blackhawk

Back in 2002, the car already showed a new color combination.


Jim also put some new wheels on it,

Stutz Blackhawk

which give the car a more modern look,

and he modified the fake-sidepipes.

These sidepipes are no fakes anymore!

These pics were taken in early 2010, when Jim finished a total-restoration, including rechroming, and repainting the car.


The interior also got "some attention", and looks like new, again.

Jim is a real Stutz-fan, so he brought a second Stutz from Saudi Arabia to the United States of America, a model of 1981.
In 2004, he bought an additional 1972 Blackhawk.
In March 2006, a 1979 Bearcat was added to the collection.
And in January 2007, a 1971 Blackhawk (almost) completed the series of Stutzes...

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