1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk

Did it start with a model of a Studebaker Golden Hawk, which Jim bought at the Studebaker Museum,
back in 2007, when we attended the "Era of Exner Event"?
I don't think so, Jim isn't so interested in model-cars, he normally concentrates in real cars...

In 2010, Jim came across one of his favorite cars, of course it starts with a capital "S", and ends with "hawk",
but this time it's a Studebaker Golden Hawk, not a Stutz Blackhawk.

The car was in good condition, but Jim worked on details, and now the chrome is shinier than ever before.

The Golden Hawk was a very sporty car, with a supercharged engine.

Quite an unusual rear-view, for a Stutz-fan...
no spare-wheel, but tailfins...

For the Stutz-fans, here are some photos that include the Golden Hawk and Jim's Stutzes:

Some Hawks, some Black-, one Golden, and all in various colors.

Find the Studebaker!

The Bearcat overlooks the Hawks.

The Golden Hawk in the middle of four Blackhawks.

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