poster, available during the Era of Exner Event

The University of Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana
September, 29th, 2007
The Era of Exner
A unique Book Signing and Car Show

Peter Grist
Exner book

Peter Grist &
Virgil Exner

Virgil Exner, jr.

On September, 29th, 2007, Peter Grist, and Virgil Exner, jr. presented the new, and ultimate book about Virgil Exner, sr.
The University of Notre Dame took the chance to honor the creator of the Forward-Look with a unique car-show,
put together by the famous designer's son.

At the Stepan Center the visitors had the chance to see:

Exner's 10 automobile milestones

Bugatti T101C
General William Lyon

Mercer Cobra
General William Lyon

Dodge LaFemme
Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Plymouth Belvedere
Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Dual Ghia L 6.4 prototype
Frank Campaneli

1953 Plymouth Belmont
Ele Chesney

1957 Chrysler 300C
Marvin Raguse

actual Chrysler 300C (not part of Exner's milestone-collection...)
Gurley/Leep Chrysler Dealership

1949 Studebaker Champion 
Studebaker Museum

1957 Simca Special
Beau Hickory

1971 Stutz Blackhawk
Jim Milliken

After the show, and book-signing at the Stepan Center, Peter Grist held a lecture at the Snite Museum of Art,
where some additional Exner-cars were on display.

A 1963 Chrysler Imperial Convertible, and a Plymouth Valiant.

 The "Era of Exner Event" was closed after Virgil Exner, jr.'s speach.

One day earlier, on September, 28th, we started our Stutz Meet!
The following day, we visited the "National Studebaker Museum".