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1965 Mercer-Cobra

Exner's Mercer

Shortly after Exner presented the Revival-Cars in the Esquire magazine (issue December 1963),

front view

the American Copper Development Association decided to produce a show car.

frobt with headlights

The design of Virgil Exner was chosen,

Mercer Cobra, designed by Exner

a chassis (VIN: CSX 2451) of a Shelby Cobra was lengthened 18 inches,

side view

and coachbuilder Sibona-Basano from Torino, Italy built the body.

Sibona-Basano logo

For about a decade the car toured all over the world.

1965 Copper Association Mercer

In June 1979 the car was offered for sale, for $165,000.00!

again with headlights

Later, the car was part of an interesting car collection, owned by William Lyon, who is also the owner of the Exner Bugatti.


A look at the interior...


The gauges are fakes, the real gauges are behind the grille,
the car was a prototype, and so the original owner had no intention to drive the car.


And finally a look at the engine, a 289-Cobra.

In August 2011, the car was auctioned at Monterey, by RM-Auctions. The high-bid was $ 660,000.00!
But Mr. Lyon also sold there three pre-war Mercedes, in total for more than $ 11,000,000!!!

Esquire Magazine, December 1963
Collectible Automobile, December 1992 (4 pages, 4 photos, photo feature)

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