Virgil M. Exner, jr.

design for a 2004 Stutz, copyrighted by Mr. Exner, all rights reserved
17.04.1933 Virgil M. Exner, jr. was born, in South Bend, Indiana
1951-1956 graduated from Cranbrook School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
University of Notre Dame
1957-1958 Designer at Studebaker-Packard Corporation, South Bend, Indiana
1958-1959 U.S. Air Force, air-transportation officer, detachment commander, Korea
Simca Special
1960-1961 Travis A.F.B., California, space control officer
1958-1961 Design-Consultant for Ghia, Italy
Fiat 2100S Sports - Ghia Selene II - VW Karmann Ghia 1500
many Renault (Caravelle), Fiat, and VW proposals
1962-1967 Virgil M. Exner Inc., started design business with his father
Design-Consultant for Ghia, Pininfarina, U.S. Steel, Duesenberg Corp.
Stutz, The Copper Development Association, and Renwal Models
design of powerboats: Riva (Italy), Buhler Turbocraft (Indianapolis, Indiana)
design of "Motor Trend: Car of the Year"-Trophy
1967-1968 Ford Design, Dearborn, Michigan
1970 Ford Thunderbird, 1970 Ford Maverick, 1971 Ford Pinto (exterior!),
1971 Mercury Marquis
1969-1974 Ford of Europe (1 year at Germany, 4 years at England), as a design-executive
Ford Escort - Ford Granada - Ford Fiesta
1974-1988 Ford, Dearborn, Michigan
1979 Ford Crown Victoria, 1979 Grand Marquis, 1980 Ford Thunderbird
many advanced car, and truck programs
May 1988 Retirement, as Design-Manager
1998 ads for Elliott Car Museum Annual Auto Show
1999 ads for Elliott Car Museum Annual Car Show, using sketch of his father
2002 design of 2003 Lightning Rod
2003/2004 the "Spynx Project":
design of 2004 Stutz
design of 2004 Chrysler Imperial
2004 design of 2005 LaSalle
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