Stutz Motor Car of America

James D. O'Donnell

 In August 1968, James D. O'Donnell incorporated the new "Stutz Motor Car of America".

The New Yorker investment banker discovered the design of Virgil M. Exner, and decided to make the car a reality.

In 1969, the prototype was built by Ghia in Torino, Italy.

In January 1970, the car had its debut at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.


The cars were produced at Cavallermaggiore, Italy.

Blackhawk 1971

In August 1970, Elvis Presley bought the first production car.

Blackhawk 1976

Stutz was definitely the car of the rich and famous. Please have a look at the owners-list, that was released by Stutz in the mid-70's.

The model range:
the Coupé, called Blackhawk
the Convertible, that's the Bearcat
the Sedans, Duplex, IV-Porte, Victoria
the Diplomatica
the Royale
the Chevrolet Suburban Conversion, that means Bear, Gazelle and Defender

Stutz produced, according to the Swiss
"Automobil Revue Katalog":

1973 50 1977 70 1981 45 1985 20
1974 10 (?) 1978 50 1982 50 1986 20
1975 ?? 1979 48 1983 50 1987 11
1976 70 1980 50 1984 20 1988 0
I heard that Stutz produced 27 cars in 1971 (including 2 prototypes).
In 1987/1988 they produced the Bearcat II. Totally there were 13 cars built, at least one of which is stated to have been built in 1995 and another is said to be a 1989 model.
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Blackhawk 1974