Duplex / IV-Porte / Victoria

Since the beginning, Stutz planned to produce also a sedan.


A "Ministeriale" titled model.

The first production car was called Duplex and looked like a Blackhawk with four doors.


more Duplex-pictures

In a brochure Stutz showed this Cadillac-style sedan:

Stutz, Cadillac-style

The car was built by Coggiola,
an Italian company, specialised in building prototypes.

1976 sedan, design sketch by Paolo Martin

In 1976, Paolo Martin designed this Sedan,
based on the original design of Virgil Exner.
The production sedan didn't show a vinyl rear-top, and the design of the rear was changed, too.

IV-Porte design

In late 1978, the design for the IV-Porte was completed.
Just the name still was wrong...
the name Diplomatica was used for a different car, bigger than the IV-Porte, and smaller than the Royale.

IV-Porte design

I think real production started in about 1979, based on a Pontiac Bonneville, later it was based on an Oldsmobile 88 Royale.

IV-Porte in Saudi Arabia

In 1981 the car got 10 inches more and was called Victoria.

Victoria, construction

Have a look at the longer part behind the the rear-door.
And the sidepipes are missing...

Stutz Victoria

The front, identic to the IV-Porte,
only the radiator showed a different model-name.

Victoria at Geneva Motor Show, by J. Stegny

The Stutz Company offered a chauffeur-service, imagine: this was the working place of the driver, must have been a dream-job...

cockpit, by J. Stegny

...or do you prefer to be driven, not bad either...

interior, by J. Stegny

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