Virgil Max Exner, sr.

Virgil M. Exner, sr.

24.09.1909 Virgil Max Exner, sr. was born, in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Exner 1913

1922-1926  graduated from High School at Buchanan
1926/28 University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana
1931 "Ex" married Mildred Marie Eshleman
17.04.1933 Virgil, jr. was born
1934-38 Chief Stylist for Pontiac Division

Exner 1941

1938-49 Chief Stylist for Studebaker

Exner 1945

1949-52 Head of Advanced Styling Studio, Chrysler Corporation
1953-61  Chrysler Director of Styling

Exner, 1955

1955 Exner was elected a member of the Engineering Executive Committee
June 1957 Members of the Industrial Designers' Institute present
Gold Medal Award to Exner
25.07.1957 Exner was elected a Vice President of Chrysler Corporation

Exner, 1958

1960 Plymouth XNR
Summer 1962 Exner published boat designs in "Popular Boating"
1963 Virgil M. Exner, Inc.
December 1963 Exner published designs for "Revival Cars" in "Esquire"
Designs for Stutz, Duesenberg, Packard and Mercer
1966 Presentation of the new Duesenberg
The prototype was built by Ghia, production never started
1966 design of the V.I.P.-Parade-car
1972/1973 design of the "Indy-Cars"
23.12.1973 Virgil M. Exner died
11.09.1993 Edsel B. Ford Design History Award from Ford Museum

cars designed by Virgil M. Exner, sr.:
Chrysler D'Elegance, 1953
Chrysler Special, 1953
Ghia Streamline "Gilda", inspired by Exner's form-model, 1955
Chrysler 300 Letter Cars, 1955-1965
De Soto Cella I, 1959
Plymouth XNR, 1960
Plymouth Asymmetrica, 1961
Chrysler Imperial, 1961
Bugatti T101C, 1965
Mercer Cobra, 1965
Duesenberg, 1966
Stutz, 1970

Exner's Boat Designs

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