1953 Chrysler Special by Ghia


In 1953, Virgil Exner designed the unique Thomas Special,
built by Ghia for C.B. Thomas, Chrysler's president of the export division.
The car showed a lot of design similarities to the 1953 D'Elegance,
the roofline was almost the same, front and rear were modified.

1953 Chrysler Special

Later, Ghia produced 18 Specials, 6 for Chrysler, 12 for Ghia,
showing almost the same design.

Ghia's Chrysler Special

The main difference to the Thomas Special is that the Specials didn't have a split-windshield.

Chrysler Special by Ghia

This Special was photographed at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum.

1953 Chrysler-Ghia Special

In January 2011, Marcel Maier sent me the following photos of another Special:

Ghia Special

The car is registered in Germany and was photographed in 2009, at a small local car show in Switzerland, just about 10km from me,
but I missed the show, and so I missed the chance to take my own photos...

Chrysler Special

Great to see such a rare car on the road, not in a museum!


Car Collector, October 1997

photos by Adrian Chadwick (blue car in the Chrysler Museum) and Marcel Maier (silver car)

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