De Soto Cella I
concept car 1959


Virgil Exner, sr. was hardly involved in this project,
at least the magazine "Special Interest Auto"
made this statement, in issue September/October 1975.
But the car was designed, when Exner was in duty... so I show some information...

De Soto Cella, 1959
scans from a brochure, thanks to Fred

There was only a model in scale 3/8.
The plans were interesting, the car should get its power by a fuel cell!
Remember, it was back in 1959!!!
For safety reasons, the rear-passengers were planned to face rearward,
having the possibility to watch TV, and to drink cold beer, ehh, or anything else what they had put in the refrigerator...

For 1961, Exner designed the "Turboflite", it showed some similarities in design,
and it had also a very special power-train, not a fuel-cell, but a gas-turbine!

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