1961 Imperial

photo by R.-L. Brezout
1961 Imperial Le Baron, photo taken by  Mr. Brezout

The 1961 Imperial symbolised the highlight, and the end of the tail-fin era.

photo by Mr. Brezout
photo taken by the owner, Mr. Brezout

It was also the highlight of Virgil Exner's career at the Chrysler design studio.


In 1999, I saw this beautiful car at the German "Oldtimer Garnd Prix",
it was in excellent condition.

1961 Imperial

The owner, Mr. Robert-Louis Brezout from France sent me some pictures, which he had taken at Versailles, France. Better location, better light, better photos...

Imperial Le Baron

The Imperial was also available as a Coupé.

photo by Ron Swartley

And a Convertible was available, too.
Click here to see Mr. Brezout's Special Edition, a Crown Convertible "Shriner"

photo by Ron Swartley

detail-picture of the headlights:

photo by Ron Swartley

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