Revival Cars

In the Esquire issue of December 1963, Virgil M. Exner presented the design-suggestions for the "Revival Cars".

Exner took four great names of American automobile history and tried to show how they would look in the mid sixties.

The four names were:


All these pictures are scans of "Renwal"-toys.
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Stutz model rear


Renwal Duesenberg

The Duesenberg design showed the most puristic design elements of the thirties.
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Duesenberg sketch

In 1966 there was a real try to establish a new Duesenberg, but the design was quite different from the original Exner-Duesenberg design.
The Stutz production cars borrowed the side-exhausts and the front design from this car.


Renwal Packard

Packard sketch


Renwal Mercer

The Mercer car was produced on an AC Cobra chassis.

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Exner presented later also design-suggestions for:

Renwal Bugatti

The Bugatti design was realised on the last Bugatti chassis.

Pierce Arrow


Almost 40 years later, Exner's son presented some new Revival Designs:
2004 Stutz
2004 Chrysler Imperial
2005 LaSalle