Virgil Exner, jr.

2005 LaSalle

In 2004, Virgil Exner, jr. met at "Eye On Design" a LaSalle/Cadillac enthusiast.
They talked about design, and the idea for a new Revival Car was born...

La Salle 2005

The new LaSalle is definitely a retro-design,
showing design elements of the original cars of the 1930-40's.
The breathtaking idea of the Cadillac Sixteen
(click here to see my website for that car in the non-Stutz-part of the homepage)
inspired this big car,
it is based on a 132-inch wheelbase, the height is 58 inches, and has 24-inch wheels.
The car was featured in the Club Magazine of the Cadillac-LaSalle-Club,
"The Self-Starter", issue June 2005.

2005 LaSalle

Please note:
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