1966 Duesenberg
In 1966 there was a try to create a "new" Duesenberg.

1966 Duesenberg Model D postcard-back
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Virgil M. Exner designed, on a Chrysler Imperial chassis,
powered by a V8-440ci engine, a car that was inspired by his "Revival Cars".
The design was quite different to the design-suggestion Exner made in 1963 for a Duesenberg revival.

1966 Duesenberg Model D postcard-front

The prototype was built by Ghia, Torino, Italy.
It cost $ 60'000!

1966 Duesenberg Model D - rear

The above picture shows the styling that came true,
below you see the drawing of a 1965(?) styling that wasn't realized.

1965 design suggestion

Fritz Duesenberg, son of August and nephew of Fred Duesenberg,
was president of the new founded Duesenberg.

Interior 1
Above: the design-sketch in the original brochure

Below: the reality...

photo by Joe Bortz

50 cars were sold (selling price was $ 19,500 in 1966!),
among the first clients there were Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis.

Interior 2

Production never started.
The marshall seized the car because Duesenberg owed the salesman his commission.
Provision was $ 500 for each car, they couldn't pay him $ 5000, so the prototype was destrained.
That was the end of the new Duesenberg.


The following postcard was issued in 1984.
Stating that the owner was Samuel Schwartz of Long Island, New York.


For several years, the car was shown at the "Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg-Museum".

photo by J. King

In May 2004, Jeffrey King visited the museum, and sent me these two photos.

King's photo

Today, the prototype is owned by famous car-collector Joe Bortz.

In August 2008, he sent me three great photos, which you can see here.

Press-Releases and Company-Letters

Fact-Sheet 1 (140kB)
Fact-Sheet 2 (106kB)

Fact-Sheet 3 (135kB)
Fact-Sheet 4 (171kB)
Fact Sheet 5 (130kB)

Letter from Bryan A. Orr, General Sales Manager, dated May 10,1965
page 1 (141kB)
page 2 (34kB)

Letter from Fred Duesenberg, Chairman of the Board, dated August 25, 1965

Magazine-Ad (172kB)

Invitation for Presentation of the Duesenberg, March 29, 1966 (33kB)