For those who have a real Stutz in their garage, a model might be a good addition,
for the others, modelcars are a good chance to dream...

Over the years, a couple of different models, in various scales, made it in my collection.

Ken's showroom
unfrtunately, this is NOT my collection..., this display is owned by Ken Bist

Interesting addition by Ken Bist:
1:24 Stutz Blackhawk

Scale 1:43

The models in scale 1:43 have an extra website, click here to see it.
Next to some Stutz Blackhawk modelcars, you can find there also some versions of the 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix, and some other related models.


Not every dream car will make it into production of a model-series, for some it takes years,
Stutz is different, and so the Renwal models were produced even years before the real Stutz made it on the road.

Revival showcase
Have a look at the Revival Cars

Lion Models
(scale 1:87, metal kit)

Royale Kit
Royale Kit
before a lot of work,

and the result:
Royale, scale 1:87
Royale Limousine


HotWheels produced a lot of different models of the Stutz Blackhawk.
I think the most rare (and most expensive) is a "Treasure Hunt" issue.

HW Stutz
Stutz Blackhawk "Stutz", one of the first

HW black
Black, with trimlines, an early issue, too

HW brown with trimline

Brownmetallic, with trimline

Italian gold
rare Italian version
there was also a bluemetallic one
I'd like to find both versions for my collection!

HW California Custom
Calfornia Custom

HW Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt, 1995

HW white
a limited model, more rare than the Treasure Hunt

HW General Mills
General Mill, Set of 5 different models, containing this Blackhawk

HW Tattoo
Tattoo-Series, 1999

special-issue, based on a Tattoo-car

HW Final Run
Final Run Edition, 1999

and here are some converted HotWheels-models:


These two models were given to me from a Stutz-Fan,
they are painted in my favorite color combination.

Tattoo Convertible
Stutz Blackhawk Convertible

This model, a converted Tattoo-edition, was converted by K. Bist.
Hopefully I will have soon the chance to take some better pictures.

Another Convertible, based on the General-Mills-model.

The shipping costs will increase, if this will be the standard delivery-car for stutzy items:

But, I'd like to have that job!

Ken did also some limousine-conversions:

If there is ever a second part of "Harold & Maude", this will be Harold's car!
I have never seen a hearse, based on a Stutz,
but in an article Mr. O'Donnell mentioned that this is the way to pass away...

I mentioned this to Ken Bist, and he sent me these photo.

Stutz Bear

Another conversion of a HotWheels model, made by Ken.
Phantastic idea, phantastic car, phantastic model.

Ken put another Bear on wheels, based on a Matchbox-model.
Have a look at the color-combination:

Black / yellow, yes, that's my one!
Thank you very much!!!

On the following pictures, you can have a look, how this Bear was built:

This model, made in Hongkong is showing the design of the Stutz prototype.


Bengt Dahlgren, the owner of the original Hongkong-model made some replica-models for me.

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