I found these cards on Ebay, original size is about 9cm x 6,5cm.

Elvis Card 1 front
Elvis Card 1 rear

The first one shows Elvis' first Stutz, prototype #2.
The other one shows his model of 1973.

Elvis Card 2 front
Elvis Card 2 rear


When I was a child, there were no computer-games.

Stutz Blackhawk1978 BlackhawkBlackhawk Coupé

I think this game was only popular in Germany.
32 cards, showing a photo of a car, and listing some technical data.
There were two possibilities to play the game:
- You had to collect a series of four, a quartette, the more you had completed, the better
or (I liked it more to play it this way)
- one of the players started to pick out a technical detail of the list,
the best car win the other cards,
winner of the game is who has collected all the cards.

I still have about 100 of these decks of cards, but only three have a Stutz included.

Have a careful look:
The black car on the first car is identical with the car on the second card, but it seems that his engine was replaced...

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