Elliott Museum
Annual Car Show 1999

Exner 1929 Stutz ad

Virgil Exner, jr., who had created the posters for the 1998 Elliott Museum Car Show was asked to create the posters for the 1999 Car Show, featuring a 1923 Stutz Roadster.

The son of Virgil M. Exner, sr. knew that his father had created, at the age of 19,
a sketch for a small advertising firm, located at South Bend, Indiana.
So he used this sketch to create the posters for 1999.

Exner 1999 ad

Mr. Exner:
"I utilized my father's 1929 sketch with a few twists, applied some color,
added the '20s beauty', and laid out the text."

1999 Elliott Museum poster

So, 70 years after Exner Senior had created a Stutz ad,
his son brought it back to daylight...

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