Stutz Meet 2007

On September, 28th, we started our 2007 Stutz Meet at the parking lot of the Jameson Inn, at South Bend, IN.

Stutz group
from left: Dan Steckler, Ken (Elvis) Bist, Jim Milliken, Ron Heatley, Branko Kavcic, and Richard Rhoades

After several problems, there weren't to many cars, but it was great fun,
and we had the unique chance to be part of the "Era of Exner Event", organised by Virgil Exner, jr.

1971 Blackhawk, owned by Jim Milliken

Jim Milliken's 1971 Blackhawk was missing at the Stutz Meet, but the car was part of the Exner-Event, and so it was already stored at the Stepan Center, together with the Exner Bugatti, and the Mercer Cobra.

But we had two other 1971 Blackhawks at the Meet...

1971 Blackhawk Convertible, owned by Ron Heatley

Ron Heatley brought his unique Blackhawk Convertible.
Still unrestored, but driveable, and a very interesting car, we still have to find out more about the conversion...

1971 Blackhawk, owned by Richard Rhoades

Another 1971 Blackhawk was brought by Richard Rhoades.

2007 Stutz Bearcat, modified by Les Dunham

He also brought something special, a world-première:
A Stutz Bearcat II, modified by Les Dunham, or "The Bearcallista"!

And there was another Stutz, owned by Jim Milliken, but driven by me:

1981 Blackhawk, driven by Peter Madle

the 1981 Blackhawk, the only Stutz, that was shown at every Stutz Meet.

The highlight of the 2007 Stutz Meet was Daniel Steckler,

Dan Steckler sitting in 1971 Blackhawk

who was Technical Advisor for the Stutz Motor Company of North America.
He shared a lot of stories, and photos with us (some pictures will be added soon to the homepage),
and helped with parts to bring back the Rhoades' Bearcat on the road,
and of course had some advice for the attendant Stutz-owners.

In addition to him, some more Stutz-fans attended the Meet.
Ken Bist came without his Blackhawk, which is currently under construction,
Fred Kendall was there, and as a surprise Branko Kavcic, owner of the first prototype showed up.

On Saturday, Patrick Martin arrived with his Packard hearse, which is now the only car, next to the 1981 Blackhawk, that attended every Stutz Meet, and that without being a Stutz...

Bayliff Packard Hearse

Of course, we hadn't enough time to take more pics, or to talk, but we enjoyed the Meet, the cars, and the people.