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Bayliff Packard Hearse
owned by Patrick Martin

front I

Bayliff Packard built two of these hearse-ambulance combos,

two Bayliff Packard combos

one is owned by Patrick Martin.

front II

Bayliff modified a 1985 Buick Riviera,
they started in early 1986, and the car was completed in 1988.

Patrick Martin's Bayliff Packard

Bayliff used some Cadillac-parts to finish the car, for example
the front doors, the hearse door, and the hearse interior.

Packard Ambulance

It was interesting to see the car at the Stutz Meet 2004, at Graceland,
of course, it's no Stutz.

Bayliff Packard

As O'Donnell told in an article of the Dun's Magazine,
they never have built a hearse, but it would have been the way to pass away...

Packard Hearse

The interior,
most people don't want to have a ride...


In August 2007, Patrick met the owner of the second Bayliff-Packard hearse-ambulance combo.

two Packard hearses

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