James D. O'Donnell

March 26th, 1914 James D. O'Donnell was born in Allentown, Pa.,
         oldest son of Joseph (*1879, +1952) and Margurite (*1883, + 1970)
1931 graduated from business school
1931 O'Donnell worked as office manager for Endicott & Johnson Shoe
December 14th, 1934 James D. O'Donnell married Margaret Shaw (born: October 25th, 1917)

from left to right: James D. O'Donnell; his wife Margaret; her sister, Ruth Shaw; and a friend of Mr. O'Donnell, J. Mastro

November 15th, 1937 James jr. was born
1939 divorce of James D. and Margaret O'Donnell
1940 Salesman for AM&F and 3M, both at the same time
World War II O'Donnell joined the United States Military Service, quickly became an officer, and directed shipping stations in Detroit, New York, and Panama
1942 O'Donnell married Anne Gorman

1943: James D. O'Donnell and Raymond Massey, actor (Jonathan Brewster in "Arsenic And Old Lace")

1945 Sales Representative of Pres-To-Line Corporation of America (After a few years he bought the company...)
1958 foundation of the O'Donnell-Organisation
1968 O'Donnell founded the Stutz Motor Car of America

James D. O'Donnell, presenting the new Stutz Blackhawk in 1970

James D. O'Donnell
James D. O'Donnell, ca. 1979
photo taken at Auto-Becker

1986 O'Donnell's wife Ann died
1988 O'Donnell "retired" as President and CEO of Stutz
1990 O'Donnell sold the Stutz Company
1991 O'Donnell wrote a resume of his Stutz experience for his professor at Eckerd College
1992 O'Donnell graduated from Eckerd College, restart of the O'Donnell-Organistaion
12.01.1997 James D. O'Donnell died at St. Petersburg, Florida