Stutz Imitations

The success of the Stutz Company brought up some other companies,
producing revival cars, too, or to offer a modified basic car.
Of course, these companies didn't sent cars to Italy, to produce a handmade body, designed by a designer like Virgil Exner.

Among these "imitations", there were a couple of interesting cars.
I'm a Stutz fan, this is the Stutz homepage,
so I will show only basic-information.
(But I want to show as many basic-information, as I can get, so, if you have additional information, additional photos, please, don't hesitate to send an email to me...)

- Titan, based on a Ford Thunderbird

- Bayliff Packard, reviving another name of automobile history

- Stutz fake, based on a Chrysler Cordoba

- Stutz Royale Imitation, based on a 1985 Lincoln Town Car