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In 2002, I got in contact with Jim Milliken, who had worked from 1974 to 1993 in Saudi Arabia.
There he got interested in Stutz automobiles.

On this website he will share some of his photos and stories:

Saturn factory

Jim visited the Stutz factory at Cavallermaggiore, Italy, two times.
There he was able to see the Gazelle/Defender, but of course, he had no permission to take photos.
At Saudi Arabia, Jim had also the possibility to see several Bears escorting the King.
I'd like to have a video-tape of these events...

golden Blackhawk

A friend of Jim owned this 1976 Blackhawk.
There were some engine problems...
Jim had a look, and he was really surprised to find some paper in the intake manifold,
he removed it, and was even more surprised to find some goose-bones...
The first owner seemed to have heated his picknick on the engine!

When Jim's friend had shipped the car to the United States,
the dock-workers opened the sunroof, and left it open during a big rain...
So he had to give up the car :o(

golden Blackhawk

A late Blackhawk, still waiting for a buyer:

late Blackhawk

A car to love, or to hate:

Blackhawk Convertible

This Blackhawk was converted to a Convertible,
the chrome-trim got plated with gold.
The bumpers, and the radiator were painted...

golden Convertible

... even the rear-lights were redone.


Gold, whereever you can look.


Very impressive!
I hate the Convertible conversion, and the rear-lights, but I like the rest.


Even a IV-Porte has to have a check.
He is in good company,
next to it there is another Quattroporte, but that was built by Maserati.

IV-Porte and Quattroporte

Another IV-Porte, still in the sales-room.


A different one, standing next to the late Blackhawk, which is shown above.
Have a look at the different small front-lights!


Another white IV-Porte, standing at the used-car-lot.

another IV-Porte

A different view of the same car.

Saudi Arabian IV-Porte

Do you prefer a bigger one?
So here is a rare Victoria!


When this photo was taken, the car was brandnew,
a super-rare Bearcat II.

Bearcat II

I'd like to make a trip to Saudi Arabia!
But I think the stutzy times have gone...

we are closed ;o)

Jim, thank you very much for all these wonderful, and interesting Stutz-pictures!

Here you can have a look at Jim's Stutz Collection:


1971 Blackhawk

1972 Blackhawk

1974 Blackhawk

1975 Blackhawk

1981 Blackhawk

1981 Blackhawk

1982 Blackhawk

1979 Bearcat

1988 Bearcat II

1983 IV-Porte

Studebaker Golden Hawk