Stutz Blackhawk 1976
# 2J 57W 6P 308125

1976 Blackhawk in Saudi Arabia

Jim Milliken took these photos in Saudi Arabia,
a friend had bought the car from a member of the Royale Family.

Jim's photo

When the new owner sent the car to the USA,
the car was left with an open sunroof in heavy rain.
The owner wasn't interested in restoring the car, so he sold it.


In about 1990, the car was sold to Eddie Orman, owner of "Orman's Classic Cars".
His step-son, Scott Salley, listed the car at Ebay in October 2003.

1976 Stutz Blackhawk

In November, the car was bought by Adrian Chadwick, and so the car is now located in Canada.


At the 2004 Stutz Meet, Jim Milliken saw the car again.

Adrian's Stutz

Adrian sold the car in August 2005 to another Canadian,
who bought a 1974 Blackhawk, just a few weeks ago.

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