King of Saudi Arabia

factory sheet

I'd like to have the chance to see the King's garage...

Royale, by P. Martin

There you will find a Royale, a pre-Royale Stretch-Limousine, and several Diplomaticas.

Saudi Arabian Royale

These black&white photos come from the collection of Dan Steckler,
who started working on Stutzes, back in the early 70's, when Jules Meyers was his boss.

Stutz Royale interior

Have a look at the interior,
nice, comfortable seat...

Saudi Arabian Stutz Royale

I think this photo was also taken at the Palazzo Stupinigi.


Another photo shows a silver Diplomatica.
This photo is included in a 1980 Press-Release.
(Thanks to Louis Van Den Berg)

silver Diplomatica

This press-release includes also two interior-shots.

Diplomatica dashboard

Quite small interior, compared to the Royale, but still pure luxury.

Stutz Diplomatica interior

There are some Bear- and Gazelle-models, too.
I'd like to see more photos, or even better: the complete Stutz fleet... (one of my dreams!)

Bear, factory photo

Gazelle / Defender

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