Stutz Press Release 1980

This press-release was given out in April 1980.

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Next to four sales-sheets, there were some more items:

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We know that grey folder,
which shows a Blackhawk of about 1975, but lists the specifications of the IV-Porte...

press release, page 1

There are three sheet of papers,
interesting detail: the name of Mr. O'Donnell is misspelled, so I think the press-release was given out in Europe.

press release, page 2

The second sheet shows the same information, like the first one,
just the language is different, it's Italian.

press release, page 3

There are also three color pictures of a 1979 Bearcat.

1979 Stutz Bearcat

Most likely it's the car that was sold to Carl Lindner.

Interesting to see a photo of a D'Italia, too.

Stutz IV-Porte

And there are two photos of a black IV-Porte.
The car shows the dealer plate "DTM 57", which we know from some other photos.

IV-Porte press photo

Included is also a set of photos of a silver Diplomatica,
that was delivered to Saudi Arabia.

Stutz Diplomatica

The dashboard is similar to the dashboard of a Royale.

Diplomatica dashboard

You don't need a Royale to have pure luxury in the passenger-compartment...

Diplomatica interior

And finally, there are two photos of the top-of-the-line model, the Royale.
It's the car that was delivered to the President of Gabon.

Stutz Royale

Well, compared with the interior of the Diplomatica,
the interior of a Royale is still showing a little more luxury...

Royale for Gabon

Thanks to Louis Van Den Berg for sending me these scans!

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