Stutz Meet 2005
at Carlisle, PA
June 24th to 26th

2005 Stutz Meet

The 2005 Meet started with an interesting experience for me.
I learned how to restore a Stutz Blackhawk within one week. ;o)
Included were some lessions about repainting, fixing the sidepipes, changing the oil,
and finally how to replace a waterpump.
After that, the real fun started.
Last year, I paid a fortune to get a very boring hired-car, a Chevrolet Classic. URGS!
This year, Jim Milliken offered me a very special one, for free, his 1981 Blackhawk!
So we arrived after a trip of about 1200 miles at Carlisle.

Stutz stunt
This is not the Evel Knievel car, but it was a stunt that I don't want to see again!

We had 12 Stutzes at the Meet, plus three Non-Stutzes.
We had expected some more cars,
but due to health, mechanical problems, or some other problems some cars didn't show up.

Here are the cars that were at Carlisle:

O'Donnell's prototype

The most important Stutz Blackhawk, coming from Canada, the very first prototype.

1971 Blackhawk

Specially repainted for the Stutz Meet, Richard Rhoades early 1971 Blackhawk.

1972 Blackhawk

Jim Milliken's 1972 Blackhawk, with new, working sidepipes.

1974 Blackhawk

Phill Iturbide showed up, again, with his 1974 Blackhawk.

1974 Blackhawk

Corey Raub showed his black 1974 Blackhawk.

1974 Blackhawk

Another Stutz that was part of the first Stutz Meet in 2004,
John Palermo's 1974 Blackhawk that is the real Evel Knievel car.

1974 Blackhawk

Tony Grova showed his 1974 Blackhawk, which I saw at Graceland, in August 2004.

1975 Blackhawk

Clayton Crowe came from Las Vegas, with his 1975 Blackhawk.
(Sorry, file photo taken at 2004 Stutz Meet)

1981 Blackhawk

That was my car, owned by Jim Milliken, a 1981 Blackhawk,
about 2500 miles without any problem.

1982 Blackhawk

Bob Risley came about 2300 miles in his 1982 Blackhawk.

1084 Victoria

Barney Loucks had to do a Knievel-like stunt to get his 1984 Victoria to Carlisle.

1986 Victoria

David Douthitt came to Carlisle in his 1986 Victoria,
another car that was part of the first Stutz Meet at Graceland, last year.

Packard hearse

We knew Patrick Martin's Bayliff-Packard hearse from Graceland,
this time there were some more hearses at the Meet, and no problems with the organisers... ;o)

Dunham Corvorado

Not a revival car, but also a car that gets a lot of attention.
1 out of 7 Dunham Corvorado, built by Les Dunham, owned by Larry Hogan.

Dunham Caballista

Another car built by Les Dunham, his latest Caballista, number 51.

Not part of the Meet, but some interesting visitors were two 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix.

2 Pontiac Grand Prix 1976

On Friday, we had a good dinner at a restaurant, only some Porsche owners weren't so happy, because our Stutzes, and the Corvorado got much more attention than their Porsches.

On Saturday, we had a wonderful party at the home of Wendy and Ron Swartley.
It was great, and we all enjoyed it!

cars at party
stutzy party

On Sunday, the organisers of the GM-Meet anounced the winners of each category.
The winners in our group were:

Barney Loucks, first

1st: Barney Loucks and his 1984 Victoria.

John Palermo, second

2nd: John Palermo and his 1974 Blackhawk, preowned by Evel Knievel

Phill Iturbide, third

3rd: Phill Iturbide and his 1974 Blackhawk.

After the Meet, I drove back to Florida, and I was able to meet Mr. Virgil Exner, jr. again.

Virgil Exner and Blackhawk

Thanks to all Stutzians who made this Meet possible!
It was great, and it was great to be part of this group.

Special thanks to Wendy and Ron for organising the Meet,
Ron and Wendy
so I was able to concentrate on contacting the owners.

I also want to thank the following persons, my personal "sponsors":

Jim Milliken
winner of the "Golden Perrier"-award

Branko Kavcic
Fred Kendall

Stutz Meet 2005

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