Les Dunham


This car is definitely no Stutz, not even a real fake,
but I think it will get as much attention as a Stutz ;o)

Dunham Coach Corvorado

The Corvorado, built by Les Dunham was one of the cars that Les customised for James Bond "Live And Let Die".

James Bond and Corvorado

Based on a Corvette it shows bodyparts of the Cadillac Eldorado.
And of course, the front is what you can call "customised"...


The car has nothing to do with Stutz,
but the Stutz Meet made it possible for me to take my own pictures of this very rare car,
so I took the chance!

Corvette + Eldorado = Corvorado

This car, the second of a series of seven Corvorados was sold at Ebay.


The owner, Larry Hogan lives only 10 miles from Les Dunham's shop,
normally interested in Cadillacs, he couldn't resist to buy this Cadillac-like Corvette.

Larry Hogan's Corvorado
Larry and Corvorado
Larry Hogan and his car

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