Cars at Carlisle, Pennsylvania
2005 All-GM-Meet

Every year at Carlisle there are a lot of car events.
One is for Chrysler cars, one for Fords, and one for cars of GM,
but they have also events for kitcars, or bikes.

Ron Swartley brought up the idea to have a Stutz Meet during the GM-Meet, because the Stutzes, designed by Virgil Exner are based on a GM chassis.
So a dozen of Stutzes came to Carlisle, to have the second Stutz Meet.
More about our Meet you can find here!

Of course, the Stutzes (in addition to the other cars that were part of our Meet)
were much, much more interesting ;o)
But there were some other interesting cars at Carlisle, too.
Here are some of those.
Unfortunately a lot of nice cars were shown in pavillons.
There it is impossible to take any good pics.
And a lot of other cars had opened their hoods to show the nice (and clean) engine compartments etc. For me it's useless to take pics of these cars, so here are only nice cars with closed hoods and doors...

Pontiac Banshee
Bortz' Banshee

Coming from the Joe Bortz Collection,
the 1964 Pontiac XP-833 Banshee.

Pontiac Parisienne
1953 Parisienne concept car

Same collection, the 1953 Pontiac Parisienne.

Saturn Curve 1
Saturn Curve 2

GM showed the concept car Saturn Curve.

Tempest Monte Carlo

Here's the 1961 Pontiac Tempest Monte Carlo.

Hopefully this car will stay unique...

Allante with trailer

A Cadillac Allante with an interesting trailer.

1964 Cadillac Ambulance

Out of duty, a 1964 Cadillac Limousine Ambulance Classic 42, by Miller-Meteor.

Cadillac hearse

This Victoria isn't a Stutz, it's a Cadillac Victoria hearse, by S&S.

1955 Nomad

One of the most beautiful cars at the show of "normal" GM-models,
a 1955 Chevrolet Nomad.

1956 Delivery Sedan

A 1956 Chevrolet Delivery Sedan.

1958 Impala Convertible

I had to wait for a very long tome to see that car with closed hoods,
it's a 1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible.

1960 Impala Coupe

1960 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

1961 Parkwood

1961 Chevrolet Parkwood Station.

1963 Impala Station

1963 Chevrolet Impala 9 Passenger Station.

1964 Corvair Rampside

1964 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside

Pontiac Catalina
6-door Catalina
Armbruster Catalina

1976 Pontiac Catalina 6-door by Armbruster.

1968 Toronado

1968 Oldsmobile Toronado


That's not a standard GM vehicle.
This Starfire is using some Ford parts, like a 460ci V8 engine,
and the front is showing some parts of a Lincoln.
A very unusual (and a very ugly) car, but also very rare and impressive.

I'm shorty
Nomad swb

This car wasn't at Carlisle, but I think it's interesting enough to show.
"Shorty" is a Chevrolet Bel Air / Nomad with short-wheelbase,
a very-swb, or perhaps even a to-swb...

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