Stutz Blackhawk 1971
# 276571 A 172748


This Blackhawk with a split-windshield is a model of 1971.

1971 Stutz Blackhawk

It seems to be titled in 1972, so officially it is a 1972 model.

.Stutz Blackhawk 1971

Since the late 1980's, the car was owned by Ken Ramsey, from Oklahoma City.


We didn't know anything about the history of this beautiful Blackhawk,
but in July 2005, Gary Cochrane found an ad in a 1986 issue of DuPont Registry.

Mr. Ramsey's Blackhawk

Bryan Ramsey, son of the owner, tried to get in contact with the seller of 1986, and finally he got in contact...

open hood

Mr. Kreuzman, brother-in-law of Mr. Carl Lindner,
was obviously very happy to get in contact with the current owner of "his Stutz".


He "convinced" Ken Ramsey to sell him the Stutz that he sold many years ago.


Since December 2005, this early Blackhawk is again owned by the first owner.
Hopefully we will be able to see it again, at a Stutz Meet, for example.


The door, showing a combination of rare wood, and leather.


The dashboard, pure luxury.


The original suitcases, specially made to fit the luggage compartment behind the front-seats.

original luggage

The real luggage compartment.
Due to the spare-wheel not so big.

luggage compartment

And here, a special view.
And I haven't seen this kind of rail over the rear-bumper on any other 1971 Blackhawk.


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