1985 Stutz Blackhawk
# 1G 3BY 4FY 374202

front view

This late Blackhawk appeared on Ebay, back in 2002, listed as a 1989 Stutz Blackhawk.
The high bid didn't met the reserve.
Most interesting detail was that it was obviously offered by the Stutz Company, so it was NOS (New Old Stock),
and the bidders missed the chance to be the first owner of this pristine car.

1985 Blackhawk by Stutz

In 2013, the car appeared at a car dealer, and was almost immediately bought by Hyman Ltd., another car dealer.
As soon as they listed the car, it was sold to a car collector, who bought another Stutz that was offered by Hyman, too.

1985 Stutz Blackhawk

In 2016, the owner sold the Blackhawk back to Hyman, and the car was relisted,
with these nice photos (Thanks to Hyman Ltd. that I can show these pics!)

rear view

The Stutz was sold to a German car collector.

Shortly after acquiring this 1985 Blackhawk, the owner bought another Stutz:

his other Stutz

In 2018, the collector got his third Stutz, one of the nicest 1971 Blackhawks:

1971 Blackhawk

This Blackhawk was part of the Stutz Special Show at Retro Classics Cologne 2018!

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