Ken Ramsey's Stutz Collection

Ken Ramsey, and his son Bryan at the Stutz Meet 2004.

This 1971 Blackhawk started the interest in Stutzes.
In late 2005, Ken Ramsey sold it to the first owner...

In July 2006, this unique 1972 Blackhawk was added to the collection.
In 2009, a document was found, stating that this car was originally leased by Elvis Presley!
Another 1972 is also part of the collection, pictures will follow...

1973 Blackhawk

In July 2008, this rare 1973 Blackhawk was added to the collection.

A 1974 Blackhawk, added to the collection in July 2005.

Another 1974 Blackhawk.

In November 2006, Ken Ramsey bought this 1974 Blackhawk.

Another white 1974 Blackhawk was added to the Collection in June 2007.

This 1975 Blackhawk is said to be preowned by Johnny Cash.

This 1976 Blackhawk came from Florida.

An interesting 1977 Blackhawk.

And this 1977 Blackhawk was added in June 2007.
In June 2008, Ken Ramsey added a 1973 Blackhawk in bad condition to his collection.

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