Elvis' 1972 Stutz Blackhawk

b/w Jules Meyers and Elvis Presley

Jules Meyers sold (well, the car was leased) a white 1972 Blackhawk to Elvis Presley.

Jules Meyers and Elvis Presley
picture by "stutz3"

When Jim Milliken visited the factory in Italy, he was told that Elvis always wore black clothes, when he drove the white Blackhawk, and white ones, when he drove a black Stutz.

Elvis and his 1972 Blackhawk
picture by "stutz3"

In 2009, Fred Kendall found a document, stating the VIN of this 1972 Stutz:

So, we finally found Elvis' 1972 Stutz:

In 2012, I got in contact with the previous owner, Bryan Lamp, he now owns another 1972 Blackhawk,
he sent me the following photo, showing the interior of the Elvis-1972-Stutz:

The car was still white, and had the original gauges.

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