Stutz Blackhawk 1973
# 2K 57Y 3A 176619
owned by Elvis Presley

postcard 1

A postcard from Graceland, showing Elvis' 1973 Blackhawk.

postcard 2

In 2002, a friend, Bengt Dahlgren sent me this postcard, showing the same car.

Stutz Blackhawk 1971 and 1973
photo by "stutz3"

After the death of Elvis, the car still is located at Graceland.

detail shot
photo by "stutz3"

rear-view 1973 Blackhawk
photo by Butch Sedlow

Since a couple of years, the Stutzes are inside, and it is very difficult to take good photos...

1973 Stutz Blackhawk
photo by Scott Gilkey

From Armand Ruocco I heard an interesting story:
This car was originally sold to Roger Jacobowski, but shortly before Stutz delivered the car,
Elvis entered the show-room...
So Mr. Jacobowski had to order a new car, a 1974 Blackhawk.

Elvis Presley's Blackhawk
photo by Scott Gilkey

The following pictures I got in 2002, from Bengt Dahlgren.





In 2006, the original lease-contract for this Blackhawk, signed by Elvis himself was on Ebay,
so the VIN is no longer a mystery.
With the VIN, it was possible to get a copy of the original Pontiac bill.
The Pontiac Grand Prix was delivered to Astro Pontiac, where the Stutz Company bought most of the cars that were shipped to Italy, to be converted into a Blackhawk...

Pontiac bill

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