Bryan Ramsey's Photo Album
Stutz Meet 2004


Early in the morning...
Is it a dream? Is it reality? So many Stutzes in front of Graceland???


It was reality, and here they are ON Graceland.

Stutz and mansion

A 1971 Stutz Blackhawk in front of Elvis' mansion.

1971 Blackhawk

Is Elvis leaving the building?

not Elvis is leaving

It looks like...
but it's Ken Ramsey in his Stutz

fake Elvis with real Stutz

During the Meet, there were a lot of Elvises around, and everyone wanted to get a photo in one of the Stutzes, of course, the 1971 was the most favorite one.

Lee and Ken

No Elvis impersonator, it's Lee Secrest (left), and Ken Ramsey.
This photo must be taken before Lee had the chance to have a test-drive in this car, later his eyes were more glazy, and his face showed an even bigger smile...

little Elvis and Ron Swartley

An unnamed little Elvis with Ron "Stutz-Hunter" Swartley.

another little Elvis

Another little Elvis in matching outfit.

Tony Grova

Tony Grova, posing for a photo, with Ken's Stutz,
instead of one of his own 1974 Blackhawks.

Sonny West and auditory

Sonny West, Elvis' bodyguard visited the Stutz Meet, and got a lot of attention,

Sonny West

...sharing some of his stories with fans.

Stutz Meet

Stutzes, Stutzes, Stutzes...

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