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Stutz Truck

No, it's definitely not a Stutz Truck, it's a truck that transported two Stutzes to the Stutz Meet.
Branko Kavcic bought the truck to bring his 1969 prototype to the Stutz-Meet at Graceland.

Stutz Truck

It was very impressive to see the truck arriving on the parking lot, next to Graceland.


The side-view, making Stutz-fans curious...

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Here are some detail-photos, perhaps the one or the other is interested in creating a model.

prototype logo

Very impressive to see the homepage-address in big letters on a truck...

Branko photo

And here is another shot of the Stutz-truck.

Stutz Truck II

For the Stutz Meet 2005, the trailer-design was slightly modified:

Stutz Meet 2005

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