Stutz Blackhawk 1971
# 276571 A 172706

1971 Stutz

I do not know who owned this car first, once it was stated that it was Dean Martin...

1971 Stutz Blackhawk

I found out, that the car was auctioned in late 1999.

1971 Blackhawk
 photos by Mr. B. Ziegenbein

Later, the car was offered for sale again, by Mr. B. Ziegenbein.

Vault's photo
photo by Vault Motors

The VIN I got from Mr. G. Ryckman
(he was the second owner of the very first Blackhawk prototype),
who had owned the car also.
But one digit was missing, the complete VIN, I got from Vault Motors, in November 2004.

white Blackhawk

In December 2003, I got these photos, showing the car, before it was repainted.

white Stutz

So we can have a look at the interior, too.

In November 2004, the car appeared at Hemmings-Online,
so the car was for sale again, offered by VaultCars.

1971 Blackhawk

In February 2005, I was contacted by the new owner, Gregg LaPrevotte.
Hopefully we will see some new pictures, soon.


Here is an additional front-, and rear-view of this interesting 1971 Blackhawk.


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