Dr. Harold Karpman

Beverly Hills, California

Prominent Cardio Vascular and Internal Medicine Specialist.

In a press-release from about 1976, Stutz made the above statement.

Stutz Blackhawk 1971
276571 A 172892

Dr. Karpman's Stutz

In 1971, Dr. H. Karpman bought this Blackhawk.


These pictures were made in 2002!

1971 Blackhawk

Dr. Karpman owned also a Blackhawk of 1975 or 1976,
but that car was resold in 1983.


In 2005, the car was sold to April Chadwick.

Have a look at the wonderful interior!


And here's the dashboard:


To show better pictures of the engine, this was removed... ;o)

engine 1

Of course, it was put under the hood again.

engine 2

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