Stutz Blackhawk 1974
# 2K 57Y 4P 223056

1974 Stutz Blackhawk

The first owner of this 1974 Blackhawk was located in California.

Mr. Setledge's Stutz

The car was sold to Colorado, and in about 2001, Bob Settlage bought it.


Gary Cochrane visited Mr. Settlage, and took these photos.

interior 2

Of course, Gary took his 1974 Blackhawk to visit the other Stutz...

2 Stutzes of 1974

I always like photos, showing more than one Stutz!

1974 Stutzes

In 2013, the car was bought by John Cory.

He restored the car, including renewing the interior.

Mr. Cory also owned a 1976 Blackhawk.

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