Stutz Blackhawk 1974
# 2K 57Y 4P 208260

The first owner of this 1974 Stutz Blackhawk was Dale Roger Ostrom.
Later, the car was sold to a person who had 6 more Stutzes.
A model of 1973 you can find here.

In March 2005, the car was offered the first time on Ebay.
In December 2005, the car was offered again.
Paul J. Burt took the chance, and bought this Stutz.

In April 2009, Paul Burt auctioned the car, on Ebay, again, and the new owner, Mr. José Zembrod brought the car to Brazil.
Mr. Zembrod even was willing to buy another Stutz from Mr. Burt, after a lot of trouble he didn't get the car, but at least he got his payment back.

In April 2018, Mr. Zembrod registered the Blackhawk, after some restoration-work, for one of the biggest Concours-Events, Aguas de Lindóia!

Normally, only prewar-cars have a chance to win, but this year, the organisers saw the Stutz, changed the rules, and hired an Elvis impersonator...

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

Mr. Zembrod has some more Stutzes in his collection:


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