Stutz Blackhawk 1978
Convertible Conversion
# 2K 57K 7P 238659

Blackhawk Coupé

The first owner of this car was John H. Miller.


Mr. Frank Kelton bought the car, in 1984.

Stutz Blackhawk Convertible

Mr. Kelton had also a 1974 Blackhawk,
originally painted silver over black, later it was recolored white.

Stutz Convertible

This car he sold before I had started the Stutz homepage, so it wasn't possible to get the VIN.

Stutz Tip-Top-Convertible

A couple of years ago, he converted the car into a Tip-Top-Convertible.

Blackhawk Conbertible

In 2001, he added a new Silver Fox carpet.


Later, he sold the car to Roy Pollone.
In 2008, the owner decided to offer the car for sale.


In 2009, the car was sold to a dealer, that offered the car on Ebay.

That dealer sold it to another dealer, Daniel Schmitt, who offered at least two other Stutzes within the last few years.


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