Bugatti T101

Next to the Exner-Bugatti 101,

there are five more cars.
Three of them can be seen at the Schlumpf Collection.

chassis 101500: Sedan, part of the Schlumpf-Collection

This is is the only sedan, based on the 101-chassis.
Have a look at the freestanding headlights...

chassis 101503: beautiful Convertible, part of the Schlumpf-Collection

This red convertible is my favorite, a beauty,
unfortunately not showing the best condition.

well, at the Schlumpf-Collection this car is shown as a 101, but I was told that the body is based on a T57-chassis,
BUT: the car has engine 101503 (and chassis 503 has the engine of 504!)!

This coupe shows a similar design to the red convertible.

101 Cabrio by Gangloff, chassis 101501, photo taken in 1985

This lightblue convertible I saw back in 1985 at a Bugatti Meet
at the "Auto & Technik Museum" (Sinsheim, Germany).

Back in 1992/1993, I saw an ad, offering the same car, but in a new color, a dark blue.

In February 2010, I had the chance to see this wonderful Bugatti T101 Convertible, again,
at the Pantheon car-museum, located at Basel, Switzerland.

Strange to see that out of 6 produced cars 4 are located in a distance of about 30km...

The interior still shows the original lightblue color.
It also shows an untouched leather-interior. Fascinating!

The following T101 with a body by Guilloré was shown at the 2009 Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este.

So there is still one 101 out there...
I saw this car, long time ago, and I only was able to take one poor photo:

Bugatti 101, bodied by Antem

It shows an interesting design, but not as nice as any of the others.
Hopefully I will be able to see the car again, to take some more, and much better pictures!
In August 2011, RM-Auctions auctioned this car at Monterey for $ 616,000.00.

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