Stutz IV-Porte 1981
# 2N 69RAX 104051

In September 2008, I got in contact with the owner of this IV-Porte, Abdullah Algatnan.
The first owner of his Stutz was Prince Sultan from Saudi Arabia!

As you can see, the original headlights were missing, and the rest of the car was in a poor shape...

1981 Stutz IV-Porte, owned by A. Algatnan

Have a look at the photos that the owner sent me, not even one year later:

1981 Stutz IV-Porte

Yes! That's the same car!!!

Stutz IV-Porte 1981

The car is back in show condition, and proofed that at the Bahrain Car Show.

Stutz IV-Porte

The owner restored the IV-Porte, including a paint job.
He added a fiberglas cover for the spare-wheel.

Abdullah Algatnan

Here's the owner, Abdullah Algatnan standing next to his Stutz.
Have a look at the bigger headlights,
these original looking standard Stutz lights were made by hand, only with the help of some pictures...

Stutz interior

The interior was redone, too.

Stutz at Bahrain

The real Stutz enthusiasts already recognized that the IV-Porte was standing next to another Stutz,
a 1971 Blackhawk.

1971 & 1981 Stutz

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