1985 Stutz IV-Porte
# 1G 3BY 69Y XFY349206

In July 2011, this IV-Porte appeared on Ebay. It's a very special one.
The car is a 1985 IV-Porte, and normally Stutz built Victorias in that year.
The front only shows a minor detail, the small headlights are different to the standard ones.

The sideview shows another special, the car has no sidepipes, I think it's the first IV-Porte without that styling detail.
And the sidepipes were not removed, the car was built that way. That makes it unique!

But here is the really surprising detail: no visible spare-wheel!!!
Only a few 1972 had a different trunk lid, these are normally called "humptrunk",
they don't show a visible spare-wheel, but the average Stutz fan accept these cars as interesting, but they miss the typical design element.

Some years ago, I heard the story that the Carrozzeria Saturn had to build a special order IV-Porte, with a "closed" trunk-lid.
The order came from Harold Simmons, a multi-billionaire(!), who wanted a gift for his third wife Annette Simmons,
and I think it was her wish to have the car built that way.
Several years later, she donated the car to a charity auction.
The winner of that auction listed the IV-Porte on Ebay, in 2011.

Of course, the car has a spare-wheel, but it's a smaller one, and only thought for an emergency.

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