Carrozzeria Saturn

Saturn Company 1972

An early photo of the Saturn factory, with some Blackhawks of 1972.

Stutz production
Dan Steckler Collection

Some years later, in about 1975, the Stutz assembly line...

Blackhawk mould
Dan Steckler Collection

We know some of these pictures from a brochure.
Click here to see scans.

wooden Blackhawk
Dan Steckler Collection

On these wooden moulds, the metal-parts were put together.

wooden Stutz
G. Gili Collection

In December 2010, Mr. Gili from Italy contacted me, again.
He worked for the Saturn Company.
He found some interesting photos...

wooden hood
G. Gili Collection

Here you can see additional details of the Stutz production.

wooden Stutz hood
G. Gili Collection

The wooden mould for the hood.

wooden Stutz front
G. Gili Collection

And another shot...

Stutz under construction
Dan Steckler Collection

The Saturn Company was also responsible to build the Bertone Fiat Minivan.

Stutz and Bertone/Fiat
Dan Steckler Collection

Based on a standard Fiat 850T Minivan, Bertone designed a low production model,
specially built for transporting people at the Fiat factory.

Stutz at Carrozzeria Saturn
Dan Steckler Collection

Again, a Stutz Blackhawk, next to a Bertone/Fiat 850T Minivan.

Stutzes at Saturn
Dan Steckler Collection

Some Blackhawks, almost completed.

5 Blackhawks
Dan Steckler Collection

Detailing the cars, ready for shipping.

photo by Jim Milliken

Some years later,  Jim Milliken shot this photo.

(Thanks to Dan Steckler, most pics on this website come from his collection!)

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