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Thanks to the Klemantaski-Collection,
we already saw some photos, showing the Stutz production at the Carrozzeria Padane.
Click here, to see more pics.
In about 1972, the Carrozzeria Saturn took over the production of Stutz.

Stutzes at Padane

Dan Steckler gave me some copies of press photos that he has in his collection.

Stutz production

Padane built a couple of other cars, including Maserati.
The company stayed in business untill the early 1990's,
well known for their buses.

Padane Buses I

Here are some scans from a brochure that I found in my collection of car-literature.

Padane Buses II

Buses where Padane built the first series of Stutzes...

Padane bag
(plastic bag from my collection)

Padane Logo 2

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