The Stutz Homepage is online for 10 years!

1999-06-09  --  2009-06-09

In early 1999, I started to discover the world-wide-web.
As a Stutz-fan, I searched, of course, for information about the most exciting cars.
I only found small info, and no homepage dedicated to the Stutzes that were designed by Virgil Exner.

A friend, and Vector-fan, told me to start a homepage on my own..., and so I did...

In June, the first version was put online.
For the 10th anniversary, I searched my files, unfortunatley the first saved files date back to early 2000, but I revised these early websites, and on the following websites you can see how the homepage looked "in the early days".

Can you imagine that we started with 15 websites and about 40(!!!) pictures?
I was happy, when I had 5 visitors per day, there was no statistic-server, so I wasn't able to find out about the page-views.

Today, there are some more visitors,
and I even get disappointed when the homepage doesn't get the average 3000 page-views per day...

Well, there were some updates, some additions...
Today, there are about 450(!!!) Stutz related websites (including websites for Virgil Exner, Paolo Martin, etc.).
The number of pictures slightly increased. From about 40 to more than 4200!
Did you know that there are more than 1500 pictures and scans showing Blackhawks? And more than 200 Bearcat-photos?
The registry lists about 180 Stutzes, out of about 600 ever built.

In addition to the Stutz-websites, there are about 500 websites about other rare cars,
or interesting car-events, some in English, some in German.
These additional websites show 4300 additional photos!

Thanks to all supporting the homepage during the last 10 years, looking forward to seeing some more info coming in!

Click here to see the "classic" Stutz-homepage!