Nissan Mixim


The Nissan Mixim was created to get the "Cyber-Kids" out of the virtual reality, back to real life.

Nissan Mixim

The Nissan designers thought that the young people loose the interest in getting a car,
so they designed a car that shows some similarities to computer games, to get the kids out of the house...
The steering wheel has various extra-keys for additional functions.
The cockpit splits the real world from the virtual world,
the driver has the windscreen for the reality, and below there are various monitors for the virtual world.


The Mixim features a 3 + 1 seat-concept, the driver is placed in the middle,
on the right, and on the left there are passenger seats, and behind the driver there is an additional small seat.

2007 Nissan Mixim

Nissan states that the chances for getting into production are very small,
but the idea is to have it powered by two electric engines, one for the front axle, one for the rear axle,
both powered by the latest generation of batteries.


Frankfurt Motor Show, 2007