2nd Oldtimergala 2006
First Pictures
(More, much more comments, and pictures will follow during the next few days...)

Isdera presented the all-new AK116i.
It took 20 years to build it, a retro-car, with design-elements of the aerodynamic Mercedes of the mid-30's.
These cars were called "Autobahnkurier", so this will explain the "AK".
116i stands for the project, but it's no coincidence that the number 16 is there, the car is powered by two V8-engines of the older (W126) S-Class, each engine is a 5-litre engine.
The car has all-wheel-drive, one engine is for the front-wheels, the other engine is for the rear-axle.

A very impressive car, but unfortunately, you can see that the doors are coming from an old VW Beetle, and I think the side-windows, as well as the rear windows have the same origin...

The second highlight was a Hai-light:

The Monteverdi Hai 450SS (Hai means shark in German...), a dreamcar, the first supersportscar, back in the 70's.
Powered by a Chrylser engine.

At the Oldtimergala, there were some more Monteverdis:

Monteverdi 375L

Monteverdi 375L 2+2

Monteverdi 375S

Monteverdi 375/4

Monteverdi Palm Beach
A convertible, only two were built, because it didn't show a rollbar.

And there were some more cars, built in Switzerland:

Enzmann 506, based on a VW Beetle chassis, powered by Porsche,
built in the late 50's, and 60's, now available again, built by Mr. Enzmann, jr.

Felber-Ferrari, based on a 330GTC

Felber-Lancia, a one-off, production never started, due to the oil-crisis

Some other highlights were based on standard Opel-cars.
Opel is a daughter of GM, some sort of Chevrolet/Pontiac for Europe...

Erich Bitter, former rallye-driver created some interesting, rare, and exclusive cars, his first, and I think most successful car was the Bitter CD.

later, he presented the SC-series, here's the Coupe

the Convertible

and here's the Sedan (Yes, Brooks, there are some more pics around...)

Later, Erich Bitter tried several times to start production with new cars, but these all were just dreams on wheels...
For example the Rallye-Bitter, based on an Opel Manta (a small sporty coupe), by the way, the prototype was built by Isdera (see above, the AK116i):

or the "Berlina", presented in, based on the Opel Omega, better known in the USA as Cadillac Catera.

Frua, well-known Italian designer also created some Opel-based cars.
In 2005, the Frua Opel Diplomat CD Coupe was part of the 1st Oldtimergala.

Just rescued, another Coupe by Frua, based on an Opel Admiral B.

The Frua Opel Kadett Convertible prototype was shown at Schwetzingen earlier, but it was nice to see it again.

Another coachbuilder from Germany, almost forgotten, but the enthusiasts still know the Autenrieths.
A very rare car is this Opel Kapitaen Coupe, normally there was only a 4-door-sedan available.

The Opel Monza, top-of-the-line Coupe was converted by Keinath into a very nice, and rare Convertible.

Not listed for the Concours, but in excellent condition, and wonderful color, a Opel Commodore Convertible.
The Commodore was a more powerful edition of the basic Rekord-series, some sort of a German muscle car.
Karmann (well known for the VW/Karmann Ghia Coupe) built only 4 of these cars.

There were also a lot of Lancias, celebrating the 100th Birthday of the company...

 and there were "some" other nice cars, too...
Coming soon!