1. Oldtimer-Gala Schwetzingen
September 2005

During the first weekend of September, the first "Oldtimer-Gala" was held at Schwetzingen,
replacing the phantastic "European Concours".
The new organizers didn't continue the old tradition of having bad weather:
The weekend was SUNNY!

Another tradition was dicontinued, too,
the old sponsor, Bentley, was replaced by Skoda.
Both companies are owned by Volkswagen, but the price range is very, very different.

Of course, there were not as many Bentley and Rolls-Royce like in the previous years,
but there were enough amazing cars to present on the following websites.

Fiat Abarth
Facel Vega

Categories, by production year:
Class A (built before 1904)
Class B (1905 - 1918)
Class C (1919 - 1930)
Class D (1931 - 1945)
Class E (1946 - 1960)
Class F (1961 - 1970)
Class G (1971 - 1980)

additional categories:
Class H (sportscars)
Class I (convertibles)
Class K (Special Show)
Class L (unrestored cars)
(the cars of these categories are already listed in the categories by production years)

Class M (Future Collectibles)
(I think in this category are all cars listed that were produced in 1980, or later...)

In addition to that there were some additional awards:
Special Award of the Jury
AvD-Special Award
Best of Show
Oldtimer-Gala 2005 Trophy
Special Award of Skoda Auto Germany
Special Award of Vredestein Tires
Special Award of DEKRA (Mannheim)
Best Condition Award of Meguiars
Prix de Couture Visiteurs
Prix de Couture Concurrents
Prix Citroën 50 ans

Winners Part 1: Categories by production year
Winners Part 2: rest of categories

In addition to the official categories, there were some more special shows:

100 Years of Skoda
50 Years of Citroën DS
50 Years of Facel Véga
Abarth Special Show

Gordon Keeble

Looking forward to a 2006 Oldtimer-Gala.
The edition of 2005 was great, but some improvements can be done.
To speak of a special show of Facel-Véga,
when you only have four cars, is a little bit to optimistic.
The DS-Show had some interesting special-bodied DS,
but the standard DS, and DS Break were missing.


Enjoy the photos!
Please note: all these pics are copyrighted!

Class A
(built before 1904)
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class E
Class F
Class G
Class M
(1981-until today)
100 Years of Skoda
50 Years of Citroën DS
50 Years of Facel-Véga
Special Show: Abarth
Winner Part 1
Winner Part 2
other Car-Events