Pininfarina NSU Ro 80
designed by Paolo Martin

Pininfarina Ro 80

Based on the NSU Ro80 (powered by a rotary-engine),
Pininfarina presented this unique concept-car.

Paolo Martin's Ro 80

Back in 1971 it featured safety features, like shock-absorbing bumpers,
and extra strengthened doors, to prevent injuries, caused by side-impacts.
Elastic bumpers, without chrome gives the car a modern look,
even 30 years after the car was presented at Motor Show of Torino, Italy.

Ro 80 2 porte +2

The dark colored part of the body is the reflected image of the roofline.

NSU concept car

The roof can be folded down, on the trunk-lid.
The car is now part of the Audi Collection.

NSU at Ingolstadt

Thanks to Alexander Beyer for additional pictures!

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